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Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 19 December 2011 03:20 (A review of Cowboys & Aliens)

Cowboys meet Aliens, awesome concept! Poorly delievered. WIth a great cast, that could have saved the movie, didn't help at all. The writing was terrible, the effects and Daniel Craig's acting were the only things worth watching. Harrison Ford wasn't strong at all, a really dissapointing role. The thing that bugged me, was how cliched it was. Like when the hero is in trouble and then the enemies who's trying to kill him gets shot but another hero, we've seen that tooooo many times before. Plus the ending with the hero having that one line like "see you around", seen that before too. The screenplay sucked, they gave Daniel Craig all these one liners, which I hated because he's a better actor than just one liners. A really unoriginal movie, other than the concept. Skip it since we've seen it all before.

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Gosling Shines

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 19 December 2011 03:16 (A review of Half Nelson)

Half Nelson looked like a interesting film. Everyone told me how great Ryan Gosling was, and he didn't dissapoint. He defiantly deserved the oscar nomination. The movie was pretty good, with an ending scene coming to soon. With some flaws here and there, it was a pretty good movie. Ryan Gosling was great in this, he was vulnerable, funny, and depressed at points. If you like Ryan Gosling, I would reccommend seeing him in this.

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Just okay

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 19 December 2011 03:13 (A review of A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Horror today, can't do what horror did in the past. Trying to remake classics, and trying to put their own perspectives in the movies. Nightmare on Elm Street is the next to get a remake. With a good pick of Freddy I was a little intrigued, but not quite.

We all know the story, don't fall alseep, or Freddy will get you. Well they keep it the same, but it rarely develops until the end. For half the movie, kids are just dying, of course we knew that would happen, but there was no story, just kids dying, I don't want to see that unless there's some story behind it. The screenplay was very very weak, almost made the actors look back.

Which brings me to the acting. I liked Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy, he is a very underatted actor. He did a great job, selling the almost corny screenplay, for Freddy at least. Rooney Mara almost saved the movie for me. Finall seeing her in a lead role, was nice. She was really good, and is becoming one of my favorites, I can't wait to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The supporters were decent, usually most of these have terrible acting, there were some decent parts.

So we got another remake, that just wasn't that great at all. It wasn't all of a terrible movie, but it had so much potentional to be a decent film.

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Twisty Twist

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 19 December 2011 03:06 (A review of The Usual Suspects)

"One cannot be betrayed if one has no people" One of the movies I have been looking forward toward to watch, and it ended up having one of the greatest twists in movie history. The Usual Suspects stars Kevin Spacey who won an oscar for playing a cripple. The movie also stars Stephen Baldwin and one of my favorites Benicio Del Toro. The film has a very slow start, but grabs you at the last hour, as the build up to the heist pays off

The Usual Suspects, starts out really slow. Many viewers could get bored within in the first 30 minutes of the film, but don't give up it picks up. The first 45 minutes are slow, but it sets up a great plot that really comes together in the last hour, and gets your heart pumping. The twists at the end are not what you expect at all. Just when you think it's over, even more shocks come from every corner, and you feel like your head is going to explode. I am telling you, you will be pasting this thing together for at least 20 minutes after the movie.

Kevin Spacey's performance in this is top notch. He plays a cripple, and has a lot of dialouge to follow. He narrates most of the movie, and has some of the most memorable parts of the movie, especially two of the most shocking twists in the movie. The supporting charatcers were also very good. Del Toro does another great job, he is a very great actor and one of my favorites.

This movie has lots of talking which sets up a great heist. It will be slow and really hard to follow, but the movie ends up being one of the best I've seen in a while. Don't skip over this! Your head will be racing

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Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 4 November 2011 04:18 (A review of Horrible Bosses)

"Its like a museum for douchebags" Horrible Bosses, coming into this movie, my first thought was lots of sex jokes, and few LOL moments. I was totally wrong, yes there were sex jokes, but nothing to disgusting. There was also tons of LOL moments. It stars one of my favorite actors, Jason Bateman who decided to be in every movie now. With a great supporting cast, and a chubby and douchy Colin Pharrell the movie did a great job, of mixing in tons of jokes. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Even the story developed very well, I loved this movie and will probably by it. If you're looking for a nice and quick comedy get it, its hilarious and never lets up

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Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 19 October 2011 02:14 (A review of Revolt of the Zombies)

Revolt of the Zombies, the lost sequal to White Zombie. White Zombie is a classic in the B-movie world. The first ever zombie film. The sequal does not live up to White Zombie. Actually first off, it wasn't scary at all. White Zombie had a really dark and gothic feel to it, which makes the audience uncomfortable and looking around for something bad to happen. Revolt could not do that at all. There was no scary scenes at all, just archive footage of Bela Lugosi's eyes. The story in Revolt, well what story! There is no story, well there is, but it doesn't develop at all. The zombies in Revolt aren't zombies at all. At least White Zombie tried to make zombies, with what they had. The Revolt zombies looked like humans that were paralyzed. The acting was not anything special, the actor who tried to play Bela Lugosi didn't do a great job but at the sametime wasn't horrible. The only thing I did like is that SPOILER SPOILER the main dude ends up being the bad guy SPOILER SPOILER. If you love White Zombie i suggest you skip this. I just wanted to see it because I am obsessed with White Zombie. I just wasted an hour of my life...kind of glad it was just an hour.

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Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 18 October 2011 04:38 (A review of Paul)

Coming into to this movie, I had doubts and I had some hope. With an all star cast, you always hope that the movie ends up being at least good. Paul starts out slow, and has some big LOL moments along the way, while keeping you caught up in the story. The laughs were there, and came at unexpected times. Jason Bateman rocked the whole movie in this, just a great talent. Everyone had a funny moment, and the writing was really well done. A very entertaining movie

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Blair Witch Meets Paranomal Activity

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 9 October 2011 04:51 (A review of Grave Encounters)

"Welcome to Grave Encounters." What a weird movie! Like most of "found footage" movies it started off a little slow, but for some reason the beiging to this one, was actually pretty fun. I felt like I was watching Ghost Adventures. It does take a while for some of the best scares to come your way, but it really builds well, and makes you think "what is around that corner." I will say there are somethings that are not out in front of you, and that you will need to probably rewind and watch again, to catch it. I like how they did Ghost Hunters with some modern horror film and put it into one. The camera wasnt that shacky which I liked, and some of it remined of Blair Witch. The thing I didnt like was the typical horror film acting. The complaining about each other and all that whining crap, which we see everyday. It defiantly delievers good scares, and makes you sit still at the end. A very good scare fest.

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Half and Half

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 8 October 2011 07:14 (A review of 50/50)

"I dont drink, or smoke, I recycle." A movie that we all thought that would be the most depressing movie of all time. Adam has a rare form of back cancer, and is devistated. But how about treating this the best way, with laughter. The jokes in this movie are so funny. I laughed out loud a lot in this movie. The acting was superb. Joseph Gordon Levitt was great, he had a great freak out scene, that when he did it, I bet you could have head a pin drop in the theatre it was so quiet. Seth Rogen is a big suprise, actually showing a serious side to us. It was defiantly a tearjerker, I almost lost it at one point, and I can see why many people did cry. I adore this movie, its so well done and well written go see it, and bring tissues, and for some reason I could not drive away from the theatre it made me think so much, I almost cried in the car with my friend, which would have been embarrassing even though it was a girl. So be prepared to cry, and to just leave with a heaviness on you, but its all in good fun

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Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 17 September 2011 03:23 (A review of X-Men: First Class)

"I prefer Magneto." Coming into this movie, my first thought was they were going to mess something up with the story, to satisfy younger audience and non X-men fans. The movie ended up being one of the best superheroes of all time. They were pretty much perfect with how the X-men evolved. The story was very well developed and did not drag which I was scared about. There weren't any dumb one liners, of course there were one liners, but I did not find them corny at all. The acting to me was just about average. I though James McAvoy could have been a little bit better in some parts, but all in all it wasn't a mess. Kevin Bacon was a huge badass in this movie, and a perfect villian. The best performance was Michael Fassbender.He was super impressive as Magneto, and really showed why he should get more mainstream roles. The supporting cast was average, Jennifer Lawrence was super different than she was in Winter's Bone. The action was superb, probably the best action I've seen in a while. I do recommend this to non X-men fans, it's not like you will watch the movie and have no idea what's going on, everything is explained in great detail. I wish there was some subtitles though, but it didn't matter because I guess it wasn't important. Plus Hugh Jackman hilarious cameo. Pick this movie up when you got the time its one you can't miss and one that will be watched again and again.

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