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2nd Time Around

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 16 September 2011 04:21 (A review of I Am Number Four)

This will be my 2nd time viewing the movie. I viewed it again, because I know have a bigger love for Timothy Olyphant and Dianna Agron's acting. I must say I still don't love the movie. I did put the rating up a point though. To me the story just doesn't develop, screen play is horrible, and they leave important things out, plus number 6 was not needed. Timothy Olyphant was great as usual, and Dianna Agron was very dreamy, and had some scene stealers. I still don't like it, I just think there could have been so much more potentional with the movie. Be sure to check out my other review of the movie

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I'm depressed now

Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 2 September 2011 02:30 (A review of The Funeral)

"Once you pull the trigger there's no turning back." Free on demmand, great cast, and it has gangsters. I'm there! The movie starts off really slow, and slowly builds to almost a great climax, but not a huge climax. The movie had a lot of flaws, and I think it should have been longer, then an hour and fourty minutes. It had a lot of potentional. Everything was just very hard to follow, they(the writers) thought that you would know everyone's name. I did not have any time to get into the characters or remember any names, very dissapointing. The acting really saved this film, for me giving it a lower rating. For some reason I feel like everytime Benicio Del Torro is on the screen I need to stop whatever I am doing and watch him go. He's like a wind up toy, spin him and let him go and will "do work." Christopher Walken and Chris Penn were probably the strongest, they both had great performances. So all in all, I thought they could have done a lot of things better, especially made it longer so I could learn the characters and actually remember their names.

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A Well Done B-Movie

Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 2 September 2011 02:24 (A review of The Vampire Bat)

B-Movies are typically the movies, that have some bad acting, writing, and pretty much everything in between, but for some reason we can't turn away from them. They either make us laugh, or just make us think how can you make such a bad movie. I tell you this, I have found one that is a gem. The Vampire Bat, has a scary atmosphere, which is hard to do with the quality of film back then. This vampire movie takes a new toll on vampire movies. I will not tell you why though, you got to watch it yourself. The acting was very good in this movie, if not great. Everyone was strong, there was no bad acting moments at all, but the worst was probably average. The writing was pretty well, even for a b-movie. Of course it did not have the slick dialouge like a lot of awesome movies have, but for a b-movie it was top notch. The concept behind the movie was really cool, and very different from a lot of B-movies I have seen. I tell you this, this was a very slick, and to me underatted gem. I am very suprised by the IMDB rating. Its well done, and really suprised me, something I would watch again, and again.

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Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 21 August 2011 04:39 (A review of Apocalypse Now)

Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford, Lauren Fishbourne, and Denis Hopper. Let that sink in for a little. Francis Ford Coppola writes and directs another epic tail. Apocalypse Now comes at you with action, drama, and top notch acting. The cinematography was probably some of the best I have ever seen.

Robert Duvall stole the show in this movie. He was pretty much the most impressive of the group. Martin Sheen was good in a lead narrating role. Marlon Brando was playing a weird poet, and like usually was awesome. Denis Hopper brougt some comedy to the stage and was also the other most impressive.

The screenplay and writing was awesome. Some dark humor was hiding in the quick dialouge. The story was told in a very slow matter but for me it was it wasn't that slow, and really I was impressive how great the story really was and how the writing was.

This movie is very epic, and will not put you to sleep I will tell you that. I loved it a lot, I kind of thought I would. It clocks in at 3 hours and 20 minutes, but to me that is OK and it is actually harder to write movies that long, don't pass it up.

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Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 19 August 2011 04:22 (A review of Eraserhead)

This will probably be the hardest review I write since I have no idea what happened in this movie. Once you think a story is present David Lynch says "no you can't figure it out." The whole time I was making faces and saying "wtf" out loud, at one point I screamed "stop" just because it was soooooo out there. Out of all the fantasy films I have seen this is easily the weirdest.

The acting to me was average, but I didn't worry about the acting was for once, I was trying to figure what was going on. David Lynch's directing was amazing. The set pieces and the cinematagrophy was just off the charts.

I will warn you its very vague. You will have a hard time figuring this one out. But to me I ended up likeing it alot. I will try to watch this again and figure out what the fuck happened in the movie

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Silence is great

Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 16 August 2011 04:15 (A review of The Phantom of the Opera)

Silence is great once again to me, as this is my 2nd viewing of a silent film. My first was City Lights which was awesome, this just as great. We all know the famous image of the Phantom, and how it would give kids nightmares. The phantom brought life to this film, and when we see that moment of shock, when he takes off the mask, we are all in "ahh" of what we see.

Music brought life to this movie. In every way the music will move you in many ways. It comes at the right times, and it slows down at the right times. What the music did do was to make this movie even darker. Which is hard to do with the black and white film they used. The music was one of the main parts why I loved this film.

It did not have amazing acting in this, though. Compared to City Lights it wasn't as good. It wasn't terrible, Lon Chaney was a creep. The supporters weren't too strong to me at least. Mary Philbin is such a beauty in this movie, her acting was above average, but her beauty was perfect for the chemistry she had with Lon Chaney.

A lot of romance films can learn from this film. In ways that the story actual kept me rooting for one character or the other, which I don't get with a lot of romance films. The writing wasn't corny at all, I was not laughing at the "i love you" parts I was more mesmerized by it

The Phantom is scary. Its heartbreaking. Its sad. Its moving. Its a horror movie that has romance, and very moving scenes. You should not skip it!

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Original Romance

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 11 August 2011 04:24 (A review of Never Let Me Go)

For me to like a romance film, it needs good acting, a story that isn't solved in 15 minutes, and great drama. Never Let Me Go exceeds in all of those. I am not the huge romance fan, but I tend to like the ones like Revolutionary Road, Reds, and some very quirky movies. The acting was very well done especially by Carey Mulligan who is just seems to be great in everything she does, she is really impressive. Kiera Knightly and Andrew Garfield were also good in supporting roles. The story was actually very original with a little twist on the romance. I don't like to give away stories so you can find out for yourself. The drama starts out slow, but when they grow up the drama and the tension expands greatly. I kind of had a feeling I would like this movie, and it ended up being a very well done movie. It has drama, it has everything a romance movie should have. Don't waste your time with the typical 15 minute conflict in romantic comedies. Watch this for a good movie to watch for a love story with a little kick

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Say hello to corny

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 7 August 2011 04:43 (A review of MacGruber)

Yes MacGruber should be the definition of corny. I did laugh a few times, but not too many times, I was hoping for more though. The ending was actual not too bad, I laughed the most then and was most interested at the end. The story was just really dumb, to me, and really didn't interest me a lot I felt bored. Ryan Phillippe did really well, I actually laughed at his lines more than MacGruber's. Everything else was pretty much corny and just plain stupid. Acting was pretty much bad except Phillippe and some of Val Kilmer's. I recommend you don't waste your time. Unless you were bored like me.

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Not so good

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 5 August 2011 05:22 (A review of The Green Hornet)

The Green Hornet. I expected it not to be amazing, nor awesome, but a good to decent watch. It opened up really nicely with James Franco and Christoph Waltz, who were both hilarious in James Franco's only scene. I was sitting there thinking "maybe this won't be so bad", well guess again. The movie ended up being terrible. The drama they were trying to put between the two main characters was absolute crap, and the acting too. It was so bad that I literally skipped through scenes because I did not want to watch the boring drama of the movie. The writing/screenplay was also crap. I sat there thinking "how many decent movies have better dialogue than this." It was crap. Christoph Waltz and the action almost saved the film, but not quit. Every word that came out of Waltz's mouth was utterly stupid. The action was good, but that was pretty much the only good thing about the movie. If you're going to take my advice, I'd say spend two hours yes two hours doing something else.

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Not Bad

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 26 July 2011 04:27 (A review of The Lincoln Lawyer)

Wait! Matthew Mccaughey can act! Yes he was really good in this movie, which I thought would be worse, but it wasn't. I heard it had a lot of flaws, but I couldn't find that many. Everything really stayed intact. The acting was good Ryan Phillippe had one bad part, but he saved his role towards the end and ended up having a good role. It wasn't delivered quit well it moved really slow for me, but it wasn't bad and a good movie to check out.

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