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It almost impressed me...

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 26 July 2011 04:23 (A review of Source Code)

Yeah it almost impressed me, but it didn't. The story was defiantly cool and original. The action was good. The twist and turns down the road kept me interested, but towards the end it just seemed to loose touch and I was kind of dissapointed because I was enjoying it. I do like Jake Gyyenhaal a lot and I am glad he's not doing another Prince of Persia movie. It seemed like with a small idea they ran out of ideas and twists towards the end, just didn't live up at all to the beginning.

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Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 25 July 2011 02:41 (A review of Requiem for a Dream)

Could wow be the word to describe this movie, or is that an understatement. This was pretty much close to number one on my "want to watch" list. I have heard mostly great things about it, but also some mixed things. I will say I have to agree with the ones who liked it. Actually I loved it. Now, yes the story is really vague, but that is mostly the point of the movie. Lots of weird things happen, but nothing to crazy where you say "what the fuck is going on" but some of you might. The ending of this movie is probably the most INTENSE AND DISTURBING I have every seen.

The acting in this movie was top notch. I actually got see Jared Leto not go away in 15 minutes. He was great in this movie, and I pretty much loved him. Jennifer Connelly once again was great, I mean when isn't she right! Ellen Burstyn was really great in this one too. The directing was pretty much perfect. Some of the best directing I have seen. Darren Aronofsky has directed The Wrestler and Black Swan if you aren't familiar with him. But what this movie really great was the music and the atmosphere, and how it just never stopped being great. It wasn't boring or dragging except for maybe one part. The music and atmosphere made me feel like I was in a horror movie,which made me really uncomfortable, which I felt most through the movie. All in all this movie was worth the way and I am glad its in my collection because this will be watched again and again!

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Has Moments

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 17 July 2011 03:36 (A review of Limitless)

Man do I want this pill!! Just think you take a pill and you become pretty much awesome at everything, OK enough about the pill. The movie was far perfect from the pill. The story starts out very slow before it ever picks up. There were some good climax scenes, but I have seen better. The suspense didn't really get me going, but it also did not bore me because the story even though they tried too much, stayed intact pretty well. I am glad though that they were able to solve everything in the movie, because the movie was very vague for a while, but it did end up being a good story. The acting was average, Bradley Cooper wasn't bad, he had some nice moments. Abbie Cornish wasn't corny at all, and Robert De Niro was a nice fit as a supporting actor. The movie seemed far fetched but ending up coming together very well. But with a really slow moving beginning I am giving it a 5, but hey you never know you might enjoy it. I defiantly want that pill though.

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Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 16 July 2011 04:22 (A review of Insidious)

FINALLY other than "found footage" horror movies, a modern horror movie scared me. I am not a fan of the new horror because well they try to hard to scare you and what is in is Insidious can be found in all these modern horror films, but its done very very well in this. The images are freaky, I didn't jump but I gasp and my eyes widened at some of the images. The central story had a really cool concept to it that I really enjoyed. I thought the acting wasn't good at all. No one was strong at all, and it was just bad. I would recast with Guy Pearce and Rachel Weisz, I don't know why but it just seemed like they would fit in the movie. But don't pass this up its a good horror film, with a good concept if you can get through the bad acting than you will enjoy this one.

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Expected more

Posted : 10 years, 4 months ago on 13 July 2011 04:21 (A review of Stop-Loss)

We start off with some action, and what seems what could be a really good movie. Well it fell apart. The story really dragged out and just didn't seem to come all together, until the end when everything was solved within in a minute, so it felt liked the movie was rushed. The acting was just average. Ryan Phillipe was good, I didn't think he was bad at all. JGL who's the man, didn't have a strong performance but still showed why he is the next big time actor. Abbie Cornish had a scene where she had a chance to shine and she did. But of course Channing Tatum doesn't impress once again. Trying to be the big actor like he should be he just fails again. The one thing that I hated the most though was a fight between Tatum and Phillipe it was really unnecessary and made just laugh instead of taking it seriously. It was really a very rushed movie, that failed in many places

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I guess I am adjusted

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 25 June 2011 09:52 (A review of The Adjustment Bureau)

I couldn't adjust to well to this movie. Well because it dragged on and on. Of course I knew there was going to be a love story, but the chemistry between Damon and Blunt was so off, I though they might fall off the grid. The story almost saved the movie, but it didn't because they didn't deliver it that well. People were comparing it to Inception and the Matrix, well its nowhere near those two genius movies at all. Once again Emily Blunt does not impress me at all, I cant really see what I am missing at all. It did have a good story but other than that it wasn't special at all. And once again Howl was the last movie I rated about 8 and that was a while ago, when will it end.

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Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 25 June 2011 04:39 (A review of The Midnight Meat Train)

Ok I was always intrigued by this movie, not because it has a funny name but because it looked cool. It turned out to be one of those movies that just dissapoints you in every way. It was going great and it easily had a 6 rating, then it just alllllll fell apart fast. Just had too much going on in little time. Bradley Cooper who was actual good, but just became terrible during the end. Its like he caught bad acting syndrome. So this movie slacked at the end and just lost so much at the end and failed to impress me

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Tries to hard

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 19 June 2011 08:18 (A review of Unknown)

Liam Neeson is going to kick your ass again, but the movie will try too hard to be original. Ok well maybe it wasn't terrible at all, but it was trying desperately to be something like Memento but just failed miserably. It tried to line up characters and names, but it didn't have a nice impact like other movies did that are up this alley. The action was pretty cool, its not a hardcore action movie though like Taken was. The acting was above average, obviously Liam Neeson did a great job again, but January Jones, what the hell are you doing. She was horrendous. She was very very disappointing I was just shocked on how bad her performance was. She could not sell the writing at all. It was nice to see Diane Kruger in another film, she kept the accent fully intact during the movie. So not a terrible movie, but a movie that could have tried to be original but didn't it has it's moments, but nothing original.

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The Potential Is there

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 13 June 2011 05:10 (A review of I Am Number Four)

Get ready for 8 more sequals. No I am kidding, I hope not, well if they do I hope the story actually develops. It was one of those movies where the story is there but it never really comes into play very well. They left some things unsaid that were actually really important, some of it didn't even make sense. I was more interested in the love story because the chemistry was actually good. The action was actually good and made me actually not turn off the movie. The acting, well other than the great Timothy Olyphant and the Glee kid Dianna Agron the acting wasn't special at all. Dianna Agron was really good, I wouldnt think she could do an action film, she really impressed me. Timothy Olyphant is always great, he never dissapoints. This movie had it all there, but it never really came all together. The love story stayed intact, some how, but I just wished the story stayed together. For example, SPOILER they only told us one thing about the dog and didnt explain why it turned into a giant dog. SPOILER, they also didn't explain why when they die they turn into dust. It also felt like that Number 6 wasn't needed at all. They could have done this so much better.

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Better than 9/11

Posted : 10 years, 6 months ago on 9 June 2011 03:48 (A review of Capitalism: A Love Story)

Yeah I will say that because it is. I do like Fahrenheit 9/11, but there some flaws I didn't really believe. This movie made sense a lot. All this stuff seems true, and when he goes to the banks to protests it really cracked me up, not because there's a chubby guy outside the bank but because of he approaches it. I would do the same, just saying. What I really liked is that he really took it out on both sides. He blamed both sides for making mistakes. Its not just democrats, and its not just republicans, that's why I really liked this movie because he really look into everything and really looked at both sides.

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