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That was fun

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 7 January 2016 02:05 (A review of Fast & Furious 6)

Ok, I am not a huge fan of these movies, but sometimes I just like to kick back and watch a very fun action movie and these are the movies to do that with.

I must say the end sequence was incredible. I am sure when I watch Fast 7 I will get my answer but that end sequence was the best they have ever done, and I know no army base is that long but c'mon this a movie you turn your brain off and just have fun. The action was very well done, but there were some moments where I could not tell who was in which car and what was going on. It took me away from some of the scenes.

The acting wasn't amazing but it was good enough. Luke Evans keeps proving why he can be a big actor some day but Michelle Rodriguez was just horrible as always. There was one scene that the execution was just not there and the scene was very anti-climatic. It had Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez and it just did not work. I know why it helped the movie but it just did not hit at all. There was also a scene where Paul Walker had to fly to LA but he is a criminal how did the cops not know, and he had a fight in the prison, and I know the cameras were knocked but somebody could have known that. I know you not suppose to look for that in those movies, but still it really took me out of it.

All in all it was a very fun movie, and I enjoyed it a lot. Some scenes and lines did not work but for the most part the movie was good.

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A history movie, you might care about

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 5 January 2016 01:11 (A review of Lawless)

With a stellar cast, and a story about gangsters I was already hooked from the tittle. But do not let the stellar cast fool you, while there are great performances, some are wasted.

Gary Oldman is one of the stars of this movie, but he is wasted. He does have an awesome introduction scene though, but just wasted. I would have loved to see more Gary Oldman, but I guess the writers did not. Guy Pearce, another one of my favorites, was WAY over the top. He did have some moments though as the villain but he was just way over the top for me. As for the other characters I was able to really care for the other characters. Tom Hardy is always at his best, and Dane DeHaan really showed that he will become a big star someday with his small but convincing performance. There were a couple scenes where I became shocked a few times with what happened with the characters were put through.

The action in this movie was really well done. There were some very tense scenes that really got me into the movie. The last scene of this movie is one of the most tense scenes and one of the best shootouts I have seen in a really long time.

There were two love stories in this, one that I did not care for. Shia LaBeouf and Mia Wasikowska just wasn't a good loves story. It was the same stuff we have seen before in other movies. Really could have been thrown out and could have focused more of who Gary Oldman's character was.

But all in all, Lawless was what I wanted. A very good historic gangster film, that had characters I cared about and liked a lot. The action kept me tense and the last scene like I said was awesome. I would love to buy this movie and watch it again. 8/10

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Money Grabber

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 4 January 2016 03:00 (A review of Jurassic World)

So we get yet another sequel to one of the most original movies of all time...Jurassic Park. With the past two not being very good, especially the third movie still in our minds of how bad it was, we get a fourth movie, that had some good moments, but all in all to me was a let down

There were some things I did like though, let me say first I am not saying it is a bad movie, it just could have been ALOT better. The dinosaur action was great. The new holycrapasurus was actually pretty cool for how much they hyped this thing up. Seeing the raptors was awesome, and I think giving them names was a different but good approach. Chris Pratt had some good moments in this movie, but I have seen him better in other movies. Plus Vincent D'Onofrio was great, some may think he was a cartoon but I think he was the least. The movie did do enough for me to enjoy it but it also had a lot wrong with it that just bothered me

1.  The characters were very cartoonish. Especially Bryce Dallas Howard's character, she was so over the top at times in the movies I just wanted to reach in the TV and slap her. The movie also made me second guess Chris Pratt and it wasn't his fault, to me it was the script. Unlike Guardians of the Galaxy where I felt he had a lot more to go off. I felt that the writers just said to Chris "here is the script do it word for word." Speaking of the script, some of the lines were cringe worthy. Now I love one liners, but the delivery of these lines just were very off, and the timing was just off

2. The music. This could also go in with timing, but when they played the theme of the movie, was when they showed buildings. I know its not a big thing but when you put Jurassic in the tittle I want to see the music with dinosaurs not when we are looking at buildings and it made the parts very anti-climatic.

3. The opening scene with the parents was horrible. The mom was so annoying I wished she died instead of SPOILER the babysitter. All this family drama was not needed, and the love story between Pratt and Howard was awkward and very out of place, which they should of focused on this..

4. Telling us how Chris Pratt can train raptors, and why he is. They just threw it in there with not telling us why or how he can train this animals. They could have also focused on the previous park. So, alright there are images and the jeep but to me that is not good enough, talk about previous characters, tell us how you got this parked built after what happened with the last park. They could have been this movie much longer and better talking about the previous park, taking out the family drama and the loves story.

All in all I enjoyed the movie for what it was. It had good action, but it should have been called something different then Jurassic World. I would have liked it a lot more if it wasn't a  Jurassic Park sequel. I did not hate the movie but had problems with it, but like I said it is enjoyable for what it is. 5.5/10

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Still one of the best

Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 4 June 2014 01:05 (A review of Godzilla 1985 (aka Return of Godzilla))

Godzilla is back after a 9 year rest and he brings back the power. I would always watch this one as a kid, and I have noticed some things now that I like and don't like.

The positive is the look of Godzilla, he is scary! The shots of Godzilla just make him look powerful and terrifying, even know I thought he looked super scary, and that's how Godzilla should look like. I did love the attack of the ships and the small teases they do before you see the big picture. I also liked the acting, I didn't think it was bad like some other Godzilla movies. The female lead was decent and so were the other actors. I loved the way they always referred to 1954 and bringing back Raymond Burr was great! I thought the dubbing was okay, some of it was off but most of it was decent and it didn't bother me.

What I didn't like, was a character that I had no idea who he was. They just showed him in a restaurant and he's taunting Godzilla, but there was no intro for him or who the hell he was. Was he funny, sometimes, but at the same time he was a little annoying, but he got what was coming to him. Another thing was Super-X. All of a sudden the characters were like bring in Super-X, well you didn't even talk about Super-X during the whole movie, they kept saying nothing can stop him yet they had Super-X the whole time but never mentioned it one bit until Godzilla was destroying the city. So I was a little annoyed at that. One small thing also was a small sea monster attack, they didn't explain anything about it and what the heck it was, it just attacked one of the characters and it was like that's it.

So the movie was very well done, it had some flaws, but all in I thought it was very well done, and the effects were much better. The ending was also very sentimental in a way, but don't get too worked up there is a sequel to this movie, but the ending was very sentimental. Enjoy the movie because Godzilla is the money shot in the movie.

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Burn it!

Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 3 June 2014 02:12 (A review of Godzilla)

The king is...or the queen? I am still trying to figure it out, if "Godzilla" is a male or a female in this movie, they try to explain it but by that point I was almost done with the movie.

First off, this is not "Godzilla" there is no way this monster should be called "Godzilla", notice I am putting it in quotes. It looks nothing like the original or anything close to the TOHO monsters. It doesn't even stand up straight, there is no acid breath, its some sort of wind breath that turns thing into fire, WTF! The face doesn't even look like a lizard of any sort, and it died by getting fired by missiles! Seriously, every Godzilla movie he takes the missiles like a man! Not like this one!

Love story, in a monster movie, never works! This one between Niko and Audrey was so awkward and bad that I was cringing. The acting was terrible, it was like they didn't even care to try. Plus why was Niko a worm guy, you would think they would have someone who works with lizards not worms.

I also noticed that Emmerich pulled from a lot of movies. Especially when the army is trying to kill "Godzilla" I noticed that a lot of the shots were like Independence Day and even the script. I mean seriously you want to be original but yet you pull from your other movies, I think that's cheap. Plus there were shots that were too much like Jurassic Park, the eye shots, the shots when the babies were banging into the door, reminded me too much of Jurassic Park. I don't care if you want to pay homage to the movie, but don't take almost exact shots of the movies and try and make it your own, it just took me away from it way too much.

I did find to enjoy Victor played by Hank Azaria, I thought he had some good chuckles in the movie which made me like him a lot. Some of the action was very enjoyable, the first time you see "Godzilla" is pretty good and the tease was very good, but every time I saw the monster I just didn't like the sight since it said it was "Godzilla". Now if this movie was just some monster movie on its own, I would have gave it a higher rating, but because its "Godzilla" it really took me away from the movie.

There were some good chuckles from Azaria, and I thought Reno was good but didn't really need the accent to be good in the movie. Some of the sequences were enjoyable but all in the script was bad and there so many scenes that took me out of the movie and I just could not enjoy it like I did as a kid.

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Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 3 June 2014 01:49 (A review of Jurassic Park III)

When Speilberg wasn't going to direct this movie I bet people were scared, heck I was too. The first two Jurassic Park were very exciting, and the story was pretty consistent and easy to follow, but something happened in this movie.

First off, they chose the two most annoying characters in what I think in cinema history. The Kirby's were just annoying and it took me away from the movie. Especially the acting from William H Macy and Tea Leoni. I have seen William H Macy in a lot of films and he usually is a very good actor, but here he was terrible. Maybe it was the script? But whatever it was he was horrible, and so was Leoni, the most annoying voice and a very annoying scream, plus her emotion in the film was horrible. Sam Neil on the other hand was very good, and usually is in movies. I also enjoyed watching Alessandro Nivola who played Billy, he wasn't great but was probably the only character I cared about besides Grant.

Another thing that bugged me was the scene when we first see the Kirby's, did anyone else think that was awkward and not played well. I just felt like it was awkward and the writing was terrible, I just felt like OH we need you because we just want you there, couldn't have they done something better than that. Plus the twist that they pull on you a little further was so dumb that I was laughing. There were some very laughable scenes in this movie, which if anyone would want to watch it I would because its so bad that it's laughable in some spots.

Didn't the dinosaurs look a little too much CGI. The first time we see the Spinosaurus did anyone else notice how CGI/mechanical it looked, it really took away from the excitement from the movie. I mean yes the CGI is very different in the 90's but this is about 7 years after the original don't you think the CGI could have been better. Also the T-Rex fight was waaaaaaaay to short. I was like that's it, just that. The T-Rex was the most dominate character in the first two movies, and just like that its dead. I was saying too myself they should have been much more to that fight, much more.

I did think some of the action scenes were pretty cool, especially the bird cage was defiantly a fun scene. Other than that all I cared about was Grant and Billy nothing else really got me into the movie. The acting annoyed me and so did the characters. Hopefully the 4th installment will be worth the wait.

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Lots of waste

Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 2 June 2014 04:07 (A review of Spider-Man 3)

Superhero movie, directed by Sam Rami, first two in the series were great, well the third installment must be good, WRONG! Now before I start this movie isn't as bad as people say it is, it is on the bad side, but people have said it's one of the worst movies they have seen, I for one don't think that. Is the movie bad, yes, but its not the worst.

What makes this movie bad is that it is full of wasteful scenes, and could have been cut down about 20 minutes making it a 2 hour movie like the first two movies. One scene in particular was between Harry and Peter when they are fist fighting, seriously what was the point of that scene, it took up tons of screen time that we could have had something else like VENOM, who also was wasted. Venom is in this movie for 10 minutes, the most popular Spider-Man villain and he is in it for 10 minutes. That's like putting the Joker in a Batman movie but putting him in the last 10 minutes, its a waste. Another scene is the dance in the Jazz club, seriously, that has nothing to do with Spider-Man or Venom or Sandman, etc. It even has nothing to do with Peter Parker, I was sitting there thinking...why is this even in the movie it was a waste.

Another thing that bugged me was Topher Grace and Eddie Brock. Let me explain, I thought Topher did a fine job as Eddie Brock, he really fit the role, but when he was Venom there was no Venom voice, you know the one we are so use to in the TV Show, the only time they used it was when Spider-Man attacked him. Why bring in the villain and not even use his iconic voice, I don't know what they were thinking.

I also thought it was missing that punch the first two movies had. It had some sort of force behind it, and you felt for the characters and cared about them. Even the action was very entertaining, now the action in this was alright, but some of it looked way too much like a video game,especially the first time we see the New Goblin it looked like they were in a video game the picture just didn't look right, but I must say the ending battle was defiantly a great sequence. But like I said you felt for the characters in the first two movies, in this one I did not care at all about the love triangle between Harry, MJ and Peter, I just did not care. Plus Gwen Stacy was a waste, and a waste of talent in Bryce Dallas Howard.

I did however care about The Sandman, I thought he was very sentimental and defiantly had my attention throughout, and the last scene between Harry. MJ and Peter was very emotional, plus the montage of Peter acting "cool" was very funny. So there were some things that worked.

So all in all it's not as bad as people said it was, but as you can see there are a few things that did not work in this movie and not much that actually worked. I did not feel I wasted time watching it though, it is just a very disappointing movie, with a lot of waste.

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Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 27 May 2014 07:17 (A review of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Another Disney classic, that keeps me glued to the TV. We all know the story of Snow White and all the great songs that come with it. This is probably my first viewing as an adult and I did enjoy the movie a lot. The beginning is a little slow, but once the Huntsman has his decision to make the movie takes off. I also love the intro for the dwarfs I thought it was a great introduction for them, and kept me interested. I think every scene after that was quit memorable. I cared about Snow White and the dwarfs especially when they first see her in bed. I did think the ending was a little short, and just ends like that. I thought it could have been a little dragged out, but I felt it was just like here ya go end! Other than the movie was very enjoyable, it was funny, and I defiantly cared about the characters

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I dont get it

Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 27 May 2014 07:11 (A review of Cinderella)

You read that right, I just don't get it. Disney's so called classic, to me, is a overrated, tour de force. I just did not care for any of the characters I could not get into them at all. I thought the king was fun to watch but other than that to me there isn't really anything special about this movie. I do like the last scene of the film with the slipper, but for the rest of the movie i didn't feel the build up at all. Yes I was glued to the TV when watching the last scene but nothing really impressed me at all. It was just a boring romantic cartoon with little prince charming at all.

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The King is back

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 24 May 2014 01:57 (A review of Godzilla)

Godzilla is back, and has been directed by newcomer Gareth Edwards. The movie also stars Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Taylor Johnson. Let me tell you right off, the movie was epic. I thought from the first minute to the final act the movie had me on the edge of my seat, I thought I had a heart attack because the suspense is so gripping. So let's do what I usually do in reviews and go through the categories and see how they match up.

ACTING-I thought the acting was good, I have no idea why everyone was complaining about it. Cranston was on his game and killed it in the movie. I was able to feel his emotion and almost teared up in some of his parts. I thought Kick-Ass, I mean Aaron Taylor Johnson, was good. I thought he had emotion, unlike what other people thought. He didn't have that Ryan Gosling awkward stare, I also felt for his character a lot. Maybe it's because I am getting married but I really connected with his character. Also Ken Watanabe had some cool lines, that with any other actor would have sounded corny, but I thought he delivered the lines well

SCRIPT- The script was okay, it wasn't Inception or Fight Club, but it was good enough to keep me interested. Some of the lines were a little corny, like when they first showed Godzilla, it was "we call him...Godzilla" I thought, I have heard that before. I didn't like in the script how Godzilla was introduced, it was like oh Godzilla is here and he's just been sleeping. I thought they could have introduced Godzilla a little better. Also the introduction of the MUTOs was awesome! It was amazing! The monsters looked amazing, I wont give too much away about their plot, but it was just awesome how they introduced them.

MISC- Like I said the suspense was throughout the movie and it kept me going and interested. Of course the one complaint people had was not enough Godzilla, all I can say is go watch all the other TUHO movies and comeback to me, because he is not in it much its all about the build up and they Edwards defiantly built it up. Sure it was a little different than the other movies, but I enjoyed it because the movie was able to keep me interested.

All in all the movie kicked ass. The acting was good and I was able to connect with the characters. The MUTOs looked awesome and their fight scene with the king was crazy and I wont tell you what Godzilla does but its awesome and better than a dropkick. The script was a little corny but most Godzilla movies are. Plus the ending is just great. Go see it, don't listen to the complainers, and go in and enjoy the heck out of the movie. "We call him...Godzilla"

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